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Walk Grade

Strenuous walk with option .Walk Time 5½ hours. Hard walk without option. Walk time 4¾ hours at a moderate pace.


On the N22 from Ballyvourney to Killarney turn right at the sign for Clydagh Bridge. From this road take the first on the right for Clydagh Valley and continue on this road for about 1½km to a small lay by parking space on the left GR(W12.94 83.24).

Walk Features

The Paps are two identical looking peaks in close proximity in the Derry Na Saggart Mountains close to the Cork Kerry border.The summit of each being marked by an ancient stone burial tomb. Due to the isolated nature of the peaks outstanding views are seen from the summit on a clear day.The walk is described in a clockwise direction with an extra option of climbing one of the Knocknabro peaks to the east of the Green Road. To do this option you will first need to ask permission from the local farmer.

Walk Details

From car park GR (W12.94 83.24) proceed back along the road in a southwesterly direction for about 200m until you come to a gate leading into a field GR(W12.78 82.99). Pass through the gate and climb initially in a westerly direction. You will soon have to cross a fence and climb to higher ground on an old stony track still in a westerly direction.You will soon pick up a track in a northerly direction as you continue to climb.Follow the track for about 1¼ km until you come to a fence GR(W12.50 84.22). Follow the fence to the right and then to the left as it bends through 90deg. You will now be walking in a northerly direction towards the West Pap Peak 690m. This gentle climb lasts for about 1½ km. The East Pap Peak 694m is directly due east of the West Pap. However it is better to descend slightly off course to the right and then climb slightly to the left. The East Pap could be a place for a break as the bulk of the climbing is over unless it is intended to do the optional extension. The descent from the East Pap to the Green Road is initially in a north westerly direction and then finally in an easterly direction. Descend initially with a bearing of 310deg. When you have dropped 100m in height change the bearing to 30deg. After dropping to a height of about 460m change the bearing to 54deg. The descent is now less steep and you will see the Knocknabro Mountains across The Green Road to your right. Your final bearing at a height of about 360m will be 80deg for The Green Road. You are basically contouring around to the right on the way down and you are starting off from the top a little off course in order to find an easier path down underfoot. As you get nearer to the Green Road you will see the waymark posts to your left of the Duhallow way which also go to the Green Road. You will need to cross a small stream and then a style before climbing up onto the Green Road GR(W14.55 86.85). From here to the finish it is only a matter of following the Green Road in a southerly direction for about 3km until you come to a T junction with another road GR(W14.50 84.06). Turn right here and you have a walk of about 1¾ km to the finish. In order to do the option take a bearing of 128deg from the Green Road in order to climb to the first peak at 496m. From this peak a bearing of 182deg almost due south, will take you to a higher peak of 592m. From this peak a bearing of 223deg will take you down towards the Green Road. As you near the Green road you can follow a path which will lead you onto the Green Road at GR(W14.54 84.65). Now follow the Green Road in a southerly direction proceeding to the finish as previously described.

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