General Information

This site contains a just a small selection of the many hill walks available in the Munster area.All walks have been logged using a GPS so it should be possible to repeat any walk using a map and a compass. All walks have been conducted on a preplanned basis in a group with an experienced walk leader. The walks have been graded with respect to difficulty, however it should be appreciated that standards are generally relative as what constitutes a strenuous walk to one person may be a routine excercise to another. Each person must know their own limits and abilities and always walk within them.The times given for the walks represent a brisk pace with about 30 minutes allowed for breaks, extra time should be added if it is intended to walk at a moderate pace or take longer breaks.For safety reasons it is recommended that one should always walk with at least one other person and for inexperienced walkers it is recommended that they should join a local hill walking club where they can acquire the necessary experience and mountain skills.Information on hillwalking clubs in Ireland can be found at the MCI website


For full information on safety in the mountains please consult either

MCI website


Kerry Mountain Rescue Team

A brief summary of relevant safety criteria is as follows

  • Using a map and a compass it will be necessary to navigate accurately in all conditions including that of low visibility. A GPS should be available as back up should there be any uncertainty with regards to ones position.
  • Your walk must be preplanned with information on distance, height, estimated time to complete and amount of daylight hours available.
  • Get a weather forecast for the day.
  • Be prepared for lower temperatures and increased wind chill factor as you climb. Temperatures drop by approximately 2-3degC for every 300m climbed. This could mean temperatures at mountaintops being 10degC lower than ground level. This does not include possible wind chill factors causing a further drop in temperature.
  • A mobile phone should be carried in case of emergency however it should be realised that reception is often poor in mountain areas and it cannot always be gauranteed to work

Country Code

Hillwalkers must observe standard Country Code practices. Full details on these can be obtained from the following Mountaineering Council of Ireland links.

  • Be careful when parking. Do not block entrances or gates and leave enough room for vehicles such as tractors to pass along the road.
  • Use styles or gates and avoid damage to fences.
  • Take all your litter home.
  • Leave all farm gates as you find them.
  • Where walks involve crossing private land ,efforts should be made to establish and maintain good relations with the landowner. Any problems that do arise should be dealt with in a non-confrontational manner.