Comeraghs Knockanaffrin old

Walk Grade

Moderately hard walk of about 14km. Requires expert navigation on the return leg to the car park. Takes about 5.0hours at a moderate pace.


Proceed first to Ballymacarbry on the R671, which is about 12km south of Clonmel. From Ballymacarbry take the turning off the main road for the Nire Valley. Proceed along this road in an easterly direction for about 4km until you come to a bridge. At this point turn right for the Nire valley rather than continuing to the left for the 'Comeraghs Drive'. Continue on the road for the Nire Valley for about a further 4km until you come  on  to a car park GR(S27.68 12.85) on your left hand side, which will be the start of the walk.

Walk Features

Knockanaffrin Ridge commands some fine panoramic views of the Suir Valley below including two corries, which drain into the Clodiagh River. Knockanaffrin (which means 'Hill of the Mass') is not quite as high as the broader Comeragh Plateau to the south, but it has the distinct advantage of being firmer underfoot with far less boggy ground. This area is covered in OS Discovery Series Map No 75.

Walk Details

From the car park GR(S27.68 12.85) climb upwards directly above you taking a bearing of about 76 deg, which will take you in a northeasterly direction to ‘The Gap'. The path ahead is clearly shown with waymark posts.After you have climbed about 110m you will pass through a gate. It is now a matter of following the path and the waymark posts to 'The Gap' GR(R30.11 13.41), which is about 2.5km from the car park. The aptly named 'Gap' is simply a gap in the Comeragh Mountains between the Comeragh plateau and the Knockanaffrin Ridge to the northwest. When you reach 'The Gap' walk along the side of the fence to your left without crossing it towards the mountains on your left. As you gain height you will be following a track, which will eventually lead you up to the top of Knockanaffrin. The ground will become steep to your right and you will get a good view of the Suir Valley. Also on your right you will get a good view of Coumduala Lough below. Proceed on past this point up the ridge until you get to the top of Knockanaffrin 755m GR(R28.54 15.28), which will be the highest point in the walk. From the summit of Knockanaffrin go down to the coll above Lough Mohra and continue on to Knocksheegowna 678m GR(R27.77 16.56) which is marked by a trig point and is the furthest of three similar looking peaks. This could be a point for a break as most of the climbing is done.

The return path to the car park from Knocksheegowna first involves dropping down to a height of about 500m at a bearing of 252deg. At this point GR(S27.27 16.35) you need go more to the right whilst still dropping height. You will now have a bearing of 184deg almost due south as you descend further. After about 1km on this bearing you will come to the first of two gorges GR(S27.04 15.37) at a height of about 345m. After crossing the second gorge you will need to follow the path of a wide ditch uphill your bearing will now be 148deg. This short climb will take you back to a height of about 450m GR(S27.41 14.70). From the top of this climb continue on in the same direction with a bearing of 152deg. As you continue on you will need to cross a fence and you will see the mountain ahead behind which lies the car park. The car park cannot be seen until very near the end of the walk. As you drop further you will need to get across a very flat and boggy area which includes two shallow gorges before you climb up towards the car park. One approach is initially to keep well to the left to walk around the fencing. After you have crossed the second gorge your bearing will be 173deg almost due south as you climb through the heather. At a height of about 400m you should see the car park below. The bearing now for the car park will be about 235deg.

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The way up from The Gap

Coumduala Lough

Lough Monra
View of Slievenamon

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